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For years I've collected vintage clothing and accessories which have greatly influenced my designs. Early plastics like bakelite, galalith and celluloid were cast, hand-cut, milled and polished with care into beautiful jewelry, hair accessories radios, household items and more.


Originally from the Boston area, I studied Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and there was introduced to using alternative materials in jewelry making.  I began casting plastics into jello molds and creating jewelry that was bold and colorful but not for everyday wear. In 2012 I relocated to San Francisco where I learned laser-cutting and my process was completely transformed.  Soon after that I launched my jewelry line WOLL.


With WOLL I aim to create covetable, well-made pieces of jewelry that are fun and whimsical. Each piece is a small work of art designed by me and made in our studio in Santa Cruz, California.